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Seven Things To Help You Stay Under The Radar

These days, many people have no problems with collecting information about you. In fact, most people would enjoy listening to the thoughts that you are thinking. It would not matter what these thoughts were.


1. Keep All Credit Cards Anonymous

Did you know credit cards, and email addresses can be kept anonymous? This will allow you to transfer money to the credit card without others knowing who has done it.
There is not much security with these cards. Anybody can get details from them. Anonymous cards have no ID attached to them. The money on the card is owned by the owner of the card. Never give the number to anyone else. Do not keep much on it.

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How To Surf Anonymously

If you ever thought that the internet is a place where you can exchange information anonymously, think again.

Everything you do is recorded by government agencies as well private companies. If for some reason they want to track you down, they can.

In the past people liked to use proxy servers, however, they are not 100% safe as it is possible to see through a proxy connection. The only safe way to access the internet is through VPN (virtual private network) connections.

A VPN network is used by small and larger organizations to encrypt their communication and data. I use an encrypted internet connection every time I access the internet. I believe that we all have the right to some kind of privacy, without big brother watching us. Continue reading How To Surf Anonymously