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How to Change Your Identity

It is possible to change your identity legally under extreme circumstances and be a different person. There are many legal steps involved in this process. These steps are simple but to be followed strictly for complete legal identity change.

• Get the government to provide you with a new identity. This is only possible under certain circumstances, such as in the case of abuse or identity theft. Although you can change your name for almost any reason that isn’t fraudulent, you need to justify your reason for changing your Social Security number. Law enforcement agencies can provide you with the documented evidence you need to take to the Social Security Administration. Under these circumstances, you may be able to get a new Social Security number for no fee.

• Change your name. If you will settle for legally changing your name, this process is state specific, so find the form for your state online. After a legal name change, you must have your name changed on everything else, including your, credit cards, driver’s license and passport. Continue reading How to Change Your Identity

Change Your Social Security

Social Security number is one of the most important step to get a new identity. People have the same social security number for their entire life, but there are times when it becomes necessary for individuals to secure a new social security number.

One must remember that it is not easy to obtain SSN but if you are one of the few who experienced unfortunate events such as harassment, domestic violence, irresolvable identity theft or life endangering circumstances then it is necessary to protect yourself and have to change your social security number.

It is legal to change your SSN. It is needed you secure documents as proof of the unfortunate situations you encountered. The Social Security Administration provides help to victims seeking a new identity in hopes of eluding their abuser and ending the violence in their life. There must be documented proof of harassment, abuse or life-endangering situation before the Social Security Administration will consider issuing a new number. To obtain a new social security number, it is best to be prepared with the proper forms and documentation.

Here are the steps in obtaining a new Social Security number: Continue reading Change Your Social Security