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How My Wife Ruined My Life

I would say I don’t know how it happened, but that’s me lying to myself and trying to pretend I wasn’t the idiot who got myself into this position in the first place.


There was a time when I promised myself I would never borrow money, never buy anything I couldn’t afford, but then I got married. She, well, I should have known better than to give it to her, as I was the one who was digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole I knew I’d never be able to climb out of. My name was on all of the bills, I was the one who took out all the loans, and, because she had bad credit, she used my name on all of the catalogues she bought from. By the time she was done… it’s easier not to think in terms of figures. I just knew that I was never going to be able to pay it all back and the logical thing to do would have been to declare myself bankrupt. At the time, though, I wasn’t thinking logically. Continue reading How My Wife Ruined My Life

Change Identity Because of Too Much Debt

Is there a way to change identity? Because in my current financial situation, I think it’s by far the best solution rather than filing for bankruptcy, constantly hide from debt collectors, and of course paying my debt which is now close to $200,000.


When I was still at school, I had literally no financial problem because I was supported by my parents. I was even using an extension of my daddy’s credit card. As everyone knows, you really get enticed to shop using a card. Since I was still young that time, I was less responsible in terms of my finances. When my daddy started to notice the huge amounts of purchases I made, he cut my extension card and told me that it would be best for me to learn to become financially independent. Continue reading Change Identity Because of Too Much Debt

How can I erase my identity and start over?

Identity change is a lot more common nowadays than many of us think.

You can change your identity to escape from creditors, ex-lover or business partners, as long you find a legal way to do it.

new-idIn creating and maintaining new identity, the most difficult part is to stand up to the background check. By copying someone’s identity who already exists, an advantage can be taken by you of the fact that with them, there defiantly will be some sort of past, and those they are not wise enough to realize exactly what is going away. Continue reading How can I erase my identity and start over?

Reinventing Myself Out Of Debt

Have you noticed lately that no matter how hard you work, it is impossible to get ahead? I have. Have you ever wished that you could just trade in this life for a new one and a brand new start?  I did.


It sounds too good to be true, but really, it is not. What started off as a move made out of desperation that turned out to be the best move of my life! Before I go into more detail on how I did it, how I broke free from the chains of debt to live a happy life as somebody new, I first must tell you about who I used to be. Continue reading Reinventing Myself Out Of Debt

How To Get A New Identity?

Most people change their identity because they want to run away from somebody they are afraid of. That could be finical institutions, gangs or even stalkers.

new-identity When you change your identity, you must have prior information about place; job, location and name that you are going to adopt and be sure that you don’t let yourself in any other type of criminal record because doing any thing illegal or wrong with new identity leads you in the ocean of troubles.

If possible always provide law enforcement and government officials with your true name and real identification documents. As you already have criminal background so it is not knowledgeable to confuse police or government officials. Always use formal dress and maintain sincere look so that no one even thinks that you have criminal background from gang life.

Here are some of points that fulfill you wish of escaping from gang life with new identity and helps you live a happy and peaceful life.

  1. Have a job: Try to have decent job as soon as possible once you got your new identity. It not only provides you better living but also hides your background slowly. Continue reading How To Get A New Identity?

Gang member wants to change his identity

Benedicto contacted us here on and asked, if we would be interested in posting his story. We always love to publish real stories from real people who try to leave their old life behind and start over.

On 7 January 2013 02:38, benedicto.****

Hello guys,

I am Benedicto I came to the USA 5 years ago. When I left Mexico I wanted to escape poverty and find good life.


When I was a young boy and people were speaking about the Estados Unidos de América, it was like people were speaking about paradise. Continue reading Gang member wants to change his identity


Occasionally a lingering thought comes up in my head if I am going to be an abusive relationship again, whenever something sparks that memory.

No I am not one of those man-hating feminist, in fact I still have many male friends that I sometimes share an intimate moment or too. Many of them try their best to treat me with respect and with tender loving care. I probably love men more today, than I have in my younger years of high school and college. Well getting back to my story as to why I occasionally have some fears and anxiety is due to some abusive relationships with men that seem to take joy in being sadistic. I too enjoy a little pain every now and than, if you know what I mean but not to the extent of where I am being held against my will.


It all started one faithful afternoon, when me and my husband were outside. Well I suppose, I should start with what happened earlier that Friday we were out shopping at Tiffany’s and I was picking out some new jewelry. Continue reading Abused

Gang Life

One day I was with my boys, my gang, when that punk came up to us to make the deal. His name was Jerome he was 22 and I wish I never had met the kid.

He was a thug as was I when the deal went bad. My partner in the gang ended up shooting and killing the kid. It was not as if that was unusual but, this time I was asked to get rid of the body. I was the one left with blood on my hands. I have a feeling the gang was ready to get rid of me too.

That is when I changed my identity and I  became Jerome Martin. Sitting there dead, he looked somewhat lonely as if he were alone in life. I disposed of his body and kept his wallet. Continue reading Gang Life

After 2 Black Eyes, I Woke Up and Smelt the Coffee

Somewhere underneath the rage and hate, Steve must be a good man. At least I would like to think so. I find it so hard to think that a man could transform to something so hideous.

I still remember when we first met in the Mexican restaurant down town. This was after a blind date 3 months back. Steve struck me as someone with wit and a terrific sense of humor. And those traits do it for me more than physical features. I have never been a sucker for muscles or abs resembling sculpted stone. I have always been drawn to the human mind, like a moth to a flame and funny people. I believed that was where I would find my happiness. That was my own version of love. Continue reading After 2 Black Eyes, I Woke Up and Smelt the Coffee