ID Change Solution?

Personal circumstances forced me to get a new identity. It’s virtually impossible to find trustworthy and reliable information on identity change online, which is why I decided to start this blog.

Identity change must be one of the least discussed subjects online. There are so many people taking on new identities every day. However, most keep it a secret.New ID

Why do people change their Identity?

Debt: Debt destroys lives every day. It turns honest citizens into working slaves and makes their life hell. We all make mistakes and we should have the chance to learn from them.

Stalking victim and family violence: There are just too many women suffering from abusive husbands and stalkers, who are never able to escape. Getting a new identity is in many cases the only way to escape all the suffering, pain and hardship that they experience every day.

Law Enforcement: Some people don’t trust law enforcement agencies and believe that our legal system is corrupt and don’t see any other way out of their situation than changing their identity.

Is it ethical to get a new Identity? Yes, I believe it’s 100% ethical. It is the right of every citizen according to the constitution of the United States to change their identity. We all have the right to a livable life. If debt, an abusive husband, stalker or even some corrupt law enforcement agent  is making your life a living nightmare, you have to take action otherwise you life will never change. My life used to be like hell. I had so much debt, it would have been virtually impossible to ever pay it back.

Change Identity BibleI read a lot of books on identity change, however, most just described illegal methods, such as “ghosting” where you take on the identity of a dead person. Most of the techniques probably worked 20 or 30 years ago, but nowadays they will just get you put behind bars.

I came across the “Change Identity Bible” written by Peter Bergmann. It took me 4 weeks to read and act on the information, after which I was able to secure employment, rent a house and buy a car without spilling out my real information.

It was some work to live legally and anonymously. However, it paid off in the end. To learn more about how to start over again, just visit ‘’.

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  1. Fascinating web page, I am thinking of acquiring a new Identity this year as well. I am just sick and tired of using my hard earned dollars to pay back those debts until the rest of life. Last time I was on holiday was extra than 12 years ago.

  2. When I was young I lost my way and I ended up having a lot of problems with police. I paid my debt to society. I also learned from my mistakes. History still follows me every step of the way. I think I deserve a second change in my life.

    1. Hello, my name is Gerhard.
      I’m a reporter with Germany’s leading business magazine. For our issue revolving around the topic “transparency” we’re looking for someone who has changed his/her identity and would be willing to speak about the challenges, difficulties and benefits of doing so. anonymity would be guaranteed. We’d visit the individual any place at his/her convenience in the U.S. Many thanks for the consideration. best wishes

  3. Thank you for this review. I have so much dept I have no clue how I ever should pay the money back? Bankruptcy does not seem to work in my case. I hope the Change ID Bible will work for me.

  4. For those dodging stalking ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, and (let’s acknowledge the possibility) ex-girlfriends, remember that an identity change is just a good first step. Changing locations, types of jobs, and maybe even types of places you would normally hang out will finish the job.

  5. This is a great article, really lucid, but you kinda make this sound too easy, isn’t it? But you know better, and sound like somebody who knows what they’re talking about. Do you provide consultancy for this as well. Would really consider if you do. Thank you!

  6. This is great. Have read a few books on this, and they didn’t provide much to go ahead with this big decision, but I’m very desperate and going to try this recommended book. Hope that this would have some more useful information. Also, do you think talking to a lawyer about this is a good idea?

  7. I am so scared, there is a stalker following me all the time. This drives me really crazy. Even when I’m at work. I feel so bad, I hate him and hate being scared of someone… I wish this book can help me to get a new identity.

  8. This is very helpful,I’ve been thinking of changing my identity, I’m sure this helped other people, it can help me as well.

  9. Changing identity seems so difficult, been searching how to get new identity and i found some information but its not really trusty for me.This book might be helpful for me,i should try this out,.glad to see this blog,thanks! I need to get new identity so soon….

  10. There is a certain irony in debt-ridden citizens being harrassed by the law enforcement officials of a government that cannot even balance its books properly. If certain draconian laws are ever passed to make debtors pay with prison sentences as was common in the 19th century, identity change such as is outlined here is going to look REAL attractive.

  11. I was thinking about changing my identity for some time. I have big problems with debt and thinking of changing my identity. Maybe this can help me.

  12. I’m i a serious depression because of having credit card dept and car loans,searching for a solution for this problem,came across to my mind to change my identity,this seems to be an easy way for me to get rid of my problems…hope this book can help me how to get a new identity.I want to enjoy my life….

  13. Debt is an ugly fact of life for most people. When they lose their job and can no longer make payments, it gets a lot uglier very, very quickly. With Americans losing jobs at an alarming rate over these last few years, the deby abyss yawns wide. But does an identity change really fix that?

  14. Of all the reasons that I can think of for identity change to be a workable idea, debt strikes me as the biggest growth area. As jobs go away and debt that leaves the newly unemployed underwater grows, I can imagine a good many people who want to disappear from collectors’ radar screens.

  15. I wasn’t aware that it was legal, would like to know more about it. You mention it in the constitution, is that an inference or a fact. Will a court of law accept it? even if I’m running away from paying debt. Your thoughts.

  16. it’s so annoying to have some1 who follow you time to time,and know whatever you doing, in short (stalker)I hate him..and he makes me crazy nervous, I’m thinking to have a new identity to be save from the stalker.

  17. My ex-boyfriend is “stalking” me and make my life so miserable, he follow me everywhere I go. He’s just so crazy, I cant really enjoy my life because of him, God I really need to find a solution.

  18. I want to change my identity. I am not doing this for fraud and i don’t want to anything illegal. I just want to get a job and live a normal life. My life really sucks at the moment. I just don’t know what to do anymore…

  19. Changing identity is very cool idea,specially if your in debt and u just want to get out of this situation, like me…I’ve been always thinking to geting a new identity. Great to see this article.

  20. I’m one those people who has a serious problem about debt and mortgage,i want to just kill my self having this problems,i cant think of anything to solve this. Glad to get on this blog, this is very helpful and would change everybody’s life by getting new identity,i want to get this book and see what will happen.Thank you!

  21. The way you talk about your debt, it almost sounds like you had an underwater mortgage coupled with some predatory lenders who were nice until the moment you stopped paying your bills. How many Americans are already in that same boat? How many more will join them in the next decade? Maybe your Identity Change Bible is a good way out of that.

  22. My life really used to be like hell. I tried to buy this guide from Ariza Research. I sent the money via Western Union to New York. I can see the Western Union payment was collected. However, the guy who runs Ariza Research never sent me any ebook. Ariza Reseach is just a scam website, as they don’t even take PayPal or any credit card payments.

    After I purchased the Change ID Bible. It worked, I had instant acccess to the guide. I liked the approach on the subject of identity change by Peter Bergmann. It actually helped me to live anonymously and even create a new credit history.

  23. I have no problem with this article except the debt part. You declare bankruptcy or work out a payment plan. I’m not real big on shirking debts one has acquired.

  24. How do I take my family with me, which includes my wife and my two sons (8 and 10)… we have tried everything but somebody is after my life and may soon kill me and we really need to escape. I hope we will find a way to escape…

  25. Is this only about changing identity in US, or it can be used in other countries as well, for example Germany? I’m really thinking of buying this book and planning my escape. Thanks for setting up this website by the way.

  26. My life is so difficult now a days because of dept, now thinking to get a new identity just to get out of this miserable life! i hope this ID bible can help me.

  27. I have big problem with my home mortgage,now the best way to get a way of of the problem is to change identity,seems this one can help me and make my life in a best way out, thinking of this problem killing me everyday… I want to have a new life, without thinking of anything to pay for.

  28. I just want to disappear, so I want to get a new identity, I gonna try this book and see if this will work for me.

  29. This is very interesting,I’m sure many people want to change their identity..well…I’m one of those, There are certain situation that all you want is to start over, at first its kinda scary to think but Everybody sometime does mistake and deserve a second chance. A new start in life would be a great!!

  30. This is awesome!!! I want to change my identity, I just hate my life working hard but still having all the problem about money, I”m so sick and just want to start a new life with a new name….

  31. I’m so curious about this book, I want to change identity and don’t know how to do it. I will check this out, i want to start a new life, i want my life to be more easy and stress free, don’t want to think about Debt anymore.

  32. I didn’t do anything like commiting a serious crime, she hit me first and I defended myself. Now I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get a job. I am still on bail. I have to get a new identity…

  33. I got in trouble with credit card debt, child support and now they want to repossess my house… I’m so desperate to get a new identity,I need help on this so bad.

  34. I have to say that there is a bit of a paradox at the front of your post. On the one hand, you say that there are so many people who take on new identities, yet you also say that most keep it a secret. How then, pray tell, did you find out that identity change is so common?

  35. For some people, the whole question of “Is it ethical to get a new identity?” is on the same level of “Is it ethical for me to keep breathing?” Sometimes, the options are so bad that an identity change seems to be the only way out. Makes the Identity Bible worth checking out, at least.

  36. Some people never get the message that a relationship is over. Some creditors never understand that the money they are demanding is likely to never arrive. Some cops are too far gone to realize that they are tarnishing their badges with a bad power trip. An identity change may be a solution to all that…but I really don’t know.

  37. Sounds great, you have really narrowed down the reasons. I have a stalker and he’s some kind of mob lord. He has made my life hell and police can’t do anything it seems. I’m seriously considering leaving the US and changing my identity for good.

  38. When it was founded, America was supposed to be all about second chances. It didn’t matter where you came from or what you did. You automatically got a new lease by becoming an American. It seems to me that your Bible is just an extension of that tradition.

  39. I am very curious as to which books advocated which illegal methods. I mean, if you are being told how to break the law, isn’t that conspiracy to break the law or something like that? Plus, how much more legal are the methods in the one book that you’re recommending?

  40. We often like to be someone else the most when we’re kids. That time, we’re pretending that we’re cops, robbers, cowboys, Indians, aliens, or whatever. When we get to be adults, you begin to pine for that identity change when life gets too hard. But, seeing as it’s a different ballgame, really, really think about going that far before you do it. Unlike when you were a kid, there is no going back after.

  41. Ironically, this whole identity change business seems to be about trust. You no longer trust your good name to be so you need to trust someone to make your name clean. Of course, the question becomes…can you trust the person who is helping you to keep you safe?

  42. Whoa…the pic on this post is striking. It makes me think of Mission Impossible (movie or TV show; both had the masks). I daresay that when people take on a new identity, that is the feeling that they are shooting for. If your Bible can provide that, I would call it a public service.

  43. The proposition of escaping law enforcement through identity change seems like a Catch-22. On the one hand, you are being harrassed night and day by the authorities. On the other hand, you are trusting the same system that these same authorities use against you to keep you safe. Seems a little dubious to me.

  44. An identity change is helpful for abuse victims, but it only manages some of the damage. The toxic and damaging attitudes that have been pounded into them follow them wherever they go, whoever they say that they are. I once met a woman who had gotten away with her children for a little while only to go back and get killed. So, if you DO go for an ID change, remember to use the breathing space to keep yourself from going back into the abyss you left.

  45. We all need shelter from the storms of our lives. That said, changing your identity is a highly extreme step that I would only recommend if there is no other way out. This sort of step is usually reserved for people entering Witness Protection and is traditionally a hard, irrevocable course of action. Choose carefully.

  46. You clearly know a lot about creating new identities, you’ve covered so many areas. Great stuff from this part of the internet. 

  47. 4 weeks to get yourself a clean break from your past? It almost sounds too easy. It also sounds like that it took resources that a lot of people may lack if their times are particularly hard. It isn’t enough to completely put me off the book, but the story on the face of it sounds a little too pat.

  48. I usually don’t leave remarks at blogs, but your article dealing with ID Change was very interesting. Thanks for the info.

  49. Blame too many crime novels and film noirs for the whole cliche’ of ghosting someone else’s identity. The early 1990s was probably the last time that particular play ever stood a chance of working. Here’s hoping that your Bible helps people with the best ways to do it in the 21st century.

  50. Hmmm…actually, as far as dodging the filth (as we call coppers on our side of the pond) goes, the identity change thing may be less of a guarantee. It may throw them off your scent for a bit, but it will only take a followup on your paper trail for them to find you again. So, if you have that problem, change your identity and then consider getting out the offending filth’s jurisdiction.

  51. I’m surprised that more people who are of the anti-government persuasion don’t decide to change identities themselves. I mean, they’re paranoid enough about people watching them…why not add an extra layer of protection by taking on a whole new identity?

  52. I have used this book “Changed ID Bible” and I was compelled to write a review about this book. You’d wouldn’t need another book about changing your identity ever. Other books and I have tried at least 10 different books, they give you a lot of fluff and no real material. While this book is full of real life instances, and information you can really use.

  53. Would like congratulate you on setting up this great pool of information on changing identity because there’s lack of credible resources about this topic and your website is just awesome and have helped me a lot in planning my escape. Thank you so much!

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  55. I started a small business from selling mobile phones, for that also had to take out a lone from my bank. That time, I borrowed twenty thousand USD. I used that money for setting up a small shop in a busy mall, I was happy with my life. I started making decent profits. I started selling a variety of smart phones and accessories. However, I had to go deeper into debt to expand my business.

    But that time I was very confident that financing the expansion of my business by going deeper into debt would not be an issue as I the profit should make easy to pay back the loan in no time.

    But when my shop got buried in the tornado, all my goods got destroyed, leaving me completely in debt, which made it entirely impossible for me to pay off the loan.

    My insurance police also did not cover tornados. The lenders haunted me every single day; I was not sure what I was supposed to do now. I had simply no idea how to ever pay back my debt.

    I tried every possible way to get rid of the debt, but nothing was working. Because of that I chose the last option I had, which was in my mind from a very long time, changing my identity to get rid of the debt almost instantly. I know what I was going to do was totally wrong, but the fact was I had lost everything and I had nothing by which I can pay back my debt in any manner, so the easiest way was to change my identity and start living a new life with no debt involved in it.

    I faced a lot of challenges, while changing identity. However, I was able to start over, without having debt collectors chasing me. I still feel guilty about what I did to change my identity because of debt, but I had to choose between a good life and bad life, so I chose the good life with a complete new identity, from where I can have a brand new beginning.

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