Seven Things To Help You Stay Under The Radar

These days, many people have no problems with collecting information about you. In fact, most people would enjoy listening to the thoughts that you are thinking. It would not matter what these thoughts were.


1. Keep All Credit Cards Anonymous

Did you know credit cards, and email addresses can be kept anonymous? This will allow you to transfer money to the credit card without others knowing who has done it.
There is not much security with these cards. Anybody can get details from them. Anonymous cards have no ID attached to them. The money on the card is owned by the owner of the card. Never give the number to anyone else. Do not keep much on it.

2. Hide All Information

If you have documents that are not worth keeping, then get rid of them. However, if you decide to do this, be sure that they are random and crosscut. These days, there are a wide range of computer programs that can digitally rip up what you want gone. Some people prefer to rip the sensitive documents they have, then burn them individually.

Individual sovereignty has been increasing more and more. Especially since it was decided that as people, we need to have leaders. People try to bring about freedom. Particularly when it comes to speaking out and voting. But it seems these opportunities are gone. The worldwide government is huge. There is no way that we can turn back time now.

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3. Move Around Frequently

Travelling or moving around frequently will really help you to keep under the radar. This will make it hard for the government to keep up with you. There are many places throughout the world where you can keep your money secret. As you travel, you will not have to become an official resident in the location you are in.

4. Make The Most Of A Post Office Box

Many post office services are happy to forward mail to you. A post office box does not have to be made public. It can be kept secure and secret. This means that you do not have to give your house address out to others.


5. Keep Your Life Simple

Keeping your life simple is a fantastic way to help you keep under the radar. Never have time for scrutiny. The more you own, the more taxes you will be required to pay. You can be sure the more you pay for things, the more you will have to give to the IRS. You can be sure the IRS will get as much money as they can from you. This will often come as a surprise to you.
If you are a poor person, then be assured that the government will not have time for you.

6. Keep Information Off The Internet 

As you are seeing this on the internet, it probably means that you use the internet regularly. Always be cautious when it comes to email. It is so email for email messages to be misinterpreted. Refrain from saying things you would not want to see repeated public elsewhere.
If you work on the internet from home, then you cannot avoid this one.

7. Use A Fake Passport

This might sound wrong, but it is actually OK to use fake passports. Fake passports can be made legal. These particular passports can often only be purchased from a country that is no longer around.

However, such passports can hide an individual’s true identity. Drivers licenses and other information for identification can also be used to help you get a fake passport.
Do you have any other suggestions to help people keep under the radar? Then please get in contact with us. Feel free to post a comment or two with your suggestions.

The good news, however, is that there are a few things we can do to help each other keep under the radar.


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