Escape The Grid With A New Identity?

These are guidelines for developing your new identity. Based on your situation, first you need to decide whether you need to change your identity.oaijd2This is typically an aftereffect of being on the run from the law, rebuilding your life after wrongdoing, or running from a stalker of the same sex or your potentially dangerous ex. It can be an extremely long process, and take a considerable amount of time and effort on your part.

Yet, a huge number of remarkable people have successfully completed an identity change, and so can you. Follow this strategy, and very soon you’ll be secretly living as someone else.

To begin, make a plan, and remember to complete all of these applicable tasks secretly:

  • Be prepared to start over from scratch
  • Learn a new language
  • Experiment with new accents
  • Change your occupation
  • Develop new side interests and hobbies
  • Practice introducing yourself with your new name
  • Get used to eating and cooking new foods
  • Switch handedness (lefties ought to wind up righties and the other way around)
  • Change your appearance (or create a new one)

Cut all ties

The main part of any change in identity includes cutting all ties with everyone you know. For some web based clients, this won’t be hard to pull off; in any case, you should be as careful as possible, as one missed detail can blow your cover and jeopardize your safety and freedom.

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To begin with, remove yourself from society. You don’t need live by yourself in the desert, however, certain changes to your lifestyle and habits are an important requirement.

Cancel all magazine subscriptions. Don’t answer snail mail, and close your email accounts. Wipe your PC clean, trying to cancel web memberships too, and then delete your internet history. Very importantly, disconnect your telephone, and service for utilities, appliances, and electronic gadgets. Despite the fact that this might seem over-the-top, if you are devoted and committed to vanishing, you will make a point to eliminate every single conceivable way that could be utilized to discover anything about your past. For an example, relying on an always moving vehicle (public transport, or taxi) will make it harder to track and follow your movements.


Next, proceed on to your business related ties. Leave your place of employment, get all the personal items out of your office, clean and remove fingerprints, and wipe down the furniture in the room with bleach. Anybody asking about your past work environment will not be able to find trace or confirmation you existed. Next, withdraw all cash from your financial accounts, close them, and delete your name from the register and ensure you take all necessary steps to protect your privacy, and authorize accounts be closed, guaranteeing your security. Moreover, on the off chance that you haven’t done anything like that recently, ransacking a bank will fall under both learning new employment aptitudes and learning new distractions.

Now, cancel all credit/platinum cards, stop utilizing automatic deposits and, if applicable, banknotes, eliminate credit cards and begin to use cash only, since credit cards are a simple approach to find a man who is trying to hide.

On the off chance that you have a comical inclination and are willing to expand your dangers somewhat, have a fabulous time sending post cards and letters from a fake location. Utilize a location of a graveyard or a security base, or a cushy jail.

To family and friends, give a name of a road that seems like your own particular name; to adversaries, give locations of tropical havens. Note: Do not really move to any of these spots. 


Pick another name

Several individuals under witness protection programs regularly get exceptionally ordinary sounding names, for example, John Smith, Brian Williams, James Jones, or NguyễnThuôDuôc. This is extremely boring, considering all the potential choices. Rather, take a gander at the greatest nark ever, Sicilian mafia pentito, Tomaso Buschetta, who changed his name 180 times during his long retirement, being chased by all mafia-related groups of the world.

Likewise, consider the educational experience and credentials you are going to develop through your endeavors in the near future: do you think they would want to use somebody who doesn’t have enough creative ability to choose an interesting name to call himself?

Something else you ought to consider while changing your name is not to take a nickname close to your present one. For instance, on the off chance that you are presently known as “Cool Bill,” you shouldn’t rename yourself Bill Cool. Alternately, if your web name is NOOB606, it wouldn’t be smart to choose NewbSixohsix for whatever is left of your life. Chad Ochocinco (Spanish for 85) broadly failed to protect his anonymity when he chose that as his new name, as his football jersey gave him away.

Think about getting to be known as a Black Muslim. Basket ball player, Lew Alcindor would have experienced his life in a lack of clarity in the event that he had not converted to Islam and changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. In the event that you are not black, shoe polish or woodstove ashes are straightforward options. On the off chance that you are truly attempting to experience your life in a lack of definition, complete the change to Islam by moving to Arabia.

On the off chance that you are absolutely lacking innovativeness, draw Scrabble tiles from a sack.


Change your appearance

A key point in rolling out a character improvement is to change your appearance. Long trench coats, wide-overflowed caps, shades, and a Groucho Marx style plastic nose and mustache are attempted and-genuine, however maybe too prominent when contrasted with current design options. Don’t dismiss the seemingly insane idea of getting plastic surgery, including “sex reassignment.”

Adopt new mannerisms, dress, and behaviors.

You might develop a taste for different foods, or even take up new hobbies. You may want to change your hair color, wear colored contact lenses, or give up wearing contacts for glasses to keep from being recognized. You may need to choose a new line of work.

Keep a low profile.

A number of government and private agencies have a record of your identity change, and your old identity could be made public if you’re arrested, sued, or attract the attention of the media.


Now that you’re another individual, you should discover a new spot to live. For the most part, leaving your own country is a smart thought in case you’re in threat of being arrested.

Try not to pick a dream location, as your next area, because your closest relations will be able to guess it. What’s more, no one is at risk more than your current loved ones, they are individuals, who won’t waver to surrender you to anybody who’ll pay, when you are no more. Maybe, pick your future spot of living arrangement arbitrarily, utilizing a pin and a world guide or a turning globe.

Note: don’t be surprised by any nation and don’t retry, if the spot you get is the South Pole or the center of the Sahara Desert.

Rather, scan for positive points, and realize that the more awful it sounds, the better this spot is for stowing away, and chances are great it will contribute enormously to your identity change.

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