Creating A New Identity Because Of A Criminal Record?

If you can avoid getting in trouble with the law and caught up owing money to the mafia, I highly recommend it. As long as you choose legal ways to change your identity.


However, if you’re like me you need to get lost and fast. The best way to do this is to completely create a new identity, no easy task.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is come up with a new name. You’ll want something really generic and common. This will make it harder for somebody from your past being able to look you up. Go with something like Jimmy Smith. There are millions upon millions of Smiths in the world, which is perfect. It creates a sea for you to get lost in.

You’re going to need to get used to your name, practice writing it down, and signing it. Also practice introducing yourself with your new name. Then you’ll want to have identification created with it.

The next thing you absolutely must do is relocate. Go to the other side of the country or to a new country entirely. The further away you get the better. Hopefully you have been saving up funds to make this move. And never ever contact your old friends and family. There are a few of them that I’ll always miss, but it is just too risky.

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When you get to your new city you’re still going to have to eat. Remember you’re Jimmy Smith now, with no work history or education. Do you go back to a life of crime which is how you got here in the first place? Or do you learn a trade? You can start an online business, learn landscaping or whatever, but you want to differentiate your new identity from your old identity.

I used to specialize in rare Eastern European art. Actually, I stole many pieces of rare art and sold it for a large profit. However, a few deals went bad and well now I’m on the run from the mafia. I don’t dare try to steal and sell any rare art now. The people looking for me are keeping their eyes out for that. I’ve had to reinvent myself and my new occupation. I would tell you but then that would help give me away.

You also want to change your appearance. If you had a beard, shave it. No beard? Grow one. If you wore glasses, wear contacts. Also change your hairstyle and even your wardrobe. I think you get the idea.

Best of luck to you. If you’re as good as me you should be able to disappear with a new identity.

However, nothing is guaranteed and we’ll always need to watch over our shoulders. Just in case. One more thing – whatever you do stay within the law.

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