How To Change Your Identity?

If you are a  domestic abuse victim or you are appearing in court for a criminal trial, you can assume a new identity in some circumstances with the help of law enforcement agencies.


To know how you can change your identity, continue reading below:

  1. Change Your Name

Choose a name that you like to  be called and that will be easy for you to use in practice and to remember. Practice saying and signing this new name a couple of times so you can get used to how it sounds and feels. You can also try introducing yourself to a bunch of strangers so you can see if it feels natural or not.

The majority of states in the US call for you to complete a supplication that lists the reasons for the changing of your name. You will have to go to the local courthouse or to the state’s court’s website to get the necessary forms, and then get the document authenticated and filed at the court house by a clerk. The document will then be taken to a judge, who will then call for a hearing for this name change.

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These hearings are basically direct, though the judge may have a number of questions for you. You will have to answer these questions clearly and honorably. Give him/her all your reasons for changing identity.

With the certification from the hearing, you can now get a new driver’s license, a new passport, etc. This way, you will have new identification. You will then have to change your name on any titles on cars and/or documents for loan that you have on record.

  1. Change Your Social Security Number

With your new name now official, you can fill out your application for a social security card to match the new identity. Take the filled out form and all the essential documents that prove your new identity. You should be ready to make the case for a new social security number to an officer. After that, the office will give you a new social security number.

  1. Use the New Identity

With this new identity, you will not have a credit history, education and special training history, work and personal references, or employment history. Everything will be wiped clean—it will be as if you have been born anew.

To grow into your new identity, you will have to practice writing and speaking your new name. The last thing you want is to accidentally use your old name anywhere. Doing so even once can destroy everything you have worked for. Likewise, run-through all the lies you will have to tell about yourself, your family, the various aspects of your history, the places you have lived, etc.

A lot of things about you will change (or will have to change). For example, many people who change their identity like to change the color of their hair. If you wear contact lenses, you can switch to glasses or vice versa.

You will have to start liking and doing new things and get new hobbies. If you are hiding from someone, you will want to change the instantly recognizable things about you.


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