Top 5 Reasons To Live Under The Radar

As acquiring a new identity is now legal, many persons have seized this opportunity to lead their lives under cover. There are many reasons for changing your identity. But getting a new identity for the purpose of dodging debts or beating the law is a crime.


Below are the major reasons why people go for a new identity.

Witness protection

There are some high-profile crimes that need classified information to be obtained from eye-witnesses. Such crime could be drug dealings, acts of terror, destruction of human lives, etc. In exchange for testimony, the federal government will place such a person in witness protection.

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As part of the requirement for your protection, new identities will be issued out. Personal needs will be met by the government as well.

Running from an abusive relationship

When you discover that you are in a relationship where your losses outweigh your gains, then it’s better to get a new identity than just walking away. You will need a new name, social security number and so on. To reduce the chances of your abuser tracking you down, you will have to disappear from your friends and families. When changing your name, it’s preferable to adopt very popular names.

Running away from past gang life

You don’t expect your past gang to throw you a send forth party and wish you success when leaving them. As a matter of fact, they dictate when they will let you go if at all they will. Leaving a gang puts your life at risk and wisdom demands you get a new name and change every other thing about yourself. If you attempt running another cover, it is just a matter of time before you get nabbed. It is advisable to observe extreme caution when changing your identity in a bid to run from your past gang. Let just one or two persons who you trust enough know about your move.

Dodging creditors

There are heights of accumulated debt that seems one will never be able to get out of. In such circumstances, getting a new identity becomes a viable option. Though changing your identity for this particular reason is illegal, it seems to be the last choice one would have after falling into a debt trap


Running away from law enforcement authorities

People with court injunctions hanging over their head find taking up a new identity irresistible. Heavy crimes that would cost the offender his entire life in prison leaves such a person with very little options.

Changing an identity for this purpose is a crime on its own. So running away from the law by a new name implies you would have to live like a ghost. Completely untraceable!



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