How to Live Below the Radar

For one reason or the other, one may want to live below the radar and disappear completely.


Many people have successfully done this and many others contemplating on doing it. So, what makes a person to think of going below the radar? Well this question forms the basis of discussion here below where some of the top reasons for living below the radar will be highlighted and also some of the tips on how to successfully live below the radar and disappear completely mentioned.


Why are some people living below the radar?

  • Debt

The number one reason for most people choosing to live below the radar is debts. Debts can truly force someone to go hiding and end up living another life below the radar.

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This is especially when one has accumulated debts from different people and organization to an extent that they cannot afford some peace of mind. The only solution is usually to go off the radar and disappear completely.

  • Government

The government can also cause some to live their lives below the radar. One can be led to disappearing when they are running from the government. After committing crime in a country, one may opt to hide from the government to avoid possible prosecution, more especially if it was a capital offense against the federal government.

  • Social Issues

Some people may just want to run away and start a new life to avoid some social issues. For instance, one may decide to run from his/her family due to the pressure coming from the family. There are some degrees of pressure that can make someone to opt for fleeing.

Tips for Living below the Radar

Now that you know some of the reasons that can lead to someone living below the radar, it is important to highlight the tips that should be followed to live below the radar successfully.

  • Buy a Camouflage Passport

The first step to living below the radar is getting a camouflage passport. These are false passports that are made to look real and give you a new identity. In the same manner, you should also get fake ID and driver’s license.

  • Get an Anonymous Credit

You can easily get an anonymous credit online by making upfront payments. This will make it hard for the government to trace your moves.


  • Destroy all your Previous Life’s Documents

If you have set up that you want to live a new life, destroy anything that will link you to the previous one.

  • Live a Simple Life

If you had a flashy lifestyle, now you should abandon that and live a simple life to avoid being put on the spot.

  • Leave no Trail

Do not take anything to chance when seeking new life. Do not pay things with your credit card. Always pay cash and avoid using your real name anywhere. Create a new name and let it stick as your name.

The above mentioned are the tips that should be followed by someone who wants to live below the radar and disappear completely.



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