Five Most Common Identity Change Reasons

Due to advancement in technology and science, changing identities has become an easier thing for people to escape the hand of the law and commit a series of evil acts without being caught.


There are many reasons that necessitate People to change their identity.

Here are some of the top 5 reasons why people change their identity:
Firstly, the issue of witness protection program;

Over the world, cases of loosing witness of some specific cases has been so rampant. This is because the accused might be having a very big influence or is rich and can use the money to do away with whatever will stand on his way. In this case they can higher assassins to assassinate the witness in order to win the case because for him/her to be defined as guilty there must be concrete evidence and witness. In regards to this the prosecutor may decide to change the identity of their clients in order to protect from this type of act.


In order to evade an abusive relationship; People tend to run away from their past lives and start a new life not knowing that the past will always haunt them. Circumstances like this can make somebody change the identity because of the past Abusive relationship.

This is because they are either ashamed or they don’t want to be traced again by the abuser. For instance, a girl who was sexually assaulted by either a relative or a father will want to change her identity to avoid being mocked by friends or other people.

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People may kill their partners for the simple reason of infidelity and run away and consequently change their identity to avoid being comprehended by the police.


Another thing that lead to changing of identity is wanting to Escaping gang life.

For instance, a gang member can decide to change his identity after suffering some causality by losing some his members. This can influence someone’s decision and decide to change identity in order to avoid being arrested or killed by the police. In other words, someone can also decide to withdraw from the gang and decide to change identity by fear of other gang members.


Another reason is to prevent themselves from being exposed to debts as a result of problems associated with finance.

People can be faced by a problem such as health difficulties which require a large amount of money than they can afford. During when they are required to pay the debt they decide to escape and change identity because they can’t afford the money to pay back and clear the debt.

Lastly, hiding from law enforcement agencies, criminals and other gang members may decide to change their identity in order to escape the hand of the law. This because either their identity is known by the law enforcement agencies or by the public. This will help them live among other people without being identified.

They can either escape to other places or decide to remain and change their looks.


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