How Debt Made My Life A Living Hell

There comes a time in life when our own identities become a bone in the throat for ourselves, which makes us think about changing our real identity, sometimes for getting a better living standard from life and sometimes for solace for life.


In either cases, we have a variety of options to choose from.Although changing identities is not an easy process, yet these days with the advent of technology and forgery, changing identity has become easy. There are artificial make ups, surgeries and lot many procedures that can change one’s appearance entirely. One no more depends on the police records anymore, a lot can be done on a personal level itself.

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To start with, the first thing that a person should do is to delete all the accounts and information of oneself from the internet. Yes, the internet is the very first place where people usually look out for you, deleting all your remains from there will give you a big respite in general. Make sure the internet in fact does not have any more of your information with itself, and for that fine check, you can even hire professionals, who can look after your work well. This should not take much time and efforts, in case you decide to take the side of an expertise.

The second thing, which you can fall upon is to change your name and all the data associated with it, like your birthdate, place of birth etc. Doing so will get you out of the crowd, and you will no more be recognized, through data, at a new place. Doing so, will help you not only in hiding your identity from an alien crowd, but would also help you in hiding away from the mob, which you have left behind, long ago.

Moving on to places like to distant islands, with which major countries like USA, Russia doesn’t have an extradition policies will also help you staying clear off from anyone’s radar. This will make sure that nobody could get a sniff of you, not only at a personal level, but also on a governmental level. The local police because of the lack of the extradition policies will help you in every way from being handed to the police of that particular country. It is very good idea and is followed by most of the international agents. This is how they keep themselves away from the eyes of the local media and police in general.


Getting a makeover, or changing your looks completely will also help you long time in hiding away from your acquaintance. For example, if you once had long hair, then the best you could do to hide your identity is to get rid of your long tresses and be shaved. A drastic change like this will not only automatically hide you from acquaintances but will also make your family members doubtful of your identity.

These are some of the best ways in which you can either hide or rather completely change your identity.


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