How to Change Your Identity for Escaping From Huge Debts

When you are burdened with huge debts either by your own making or by an error committed by credit rating agencies, you enter into the world of bad credits.


Your low credit standing comes in your way of recovery and it blocks all your ways of financial return. The only way to escape from this is to flee your current scene, move to a new place, acquire a new identity and start over again. This seems to be the only way to carry on with the remaining days of your life with some peace of mind.

Losing one’s present identity and changing into a new “You” is not going to be that easy in the present times of computer based data management. It needs lot of planning and carefully executed acts on your part and you will be dealing with many Government offices both to lose your present identity and while trying to get into your new identity.

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The natural first step towards getting a new identity is to change your name. This can be done legally and there are well established procedures to do this. For this you have to go to your local county office and file a petition informing them that you want to change your name and you have to give the reasons for the same. Your request will be published in the Official county News bulletin at least for a month inviting objections for the same.

If there is any objection, the county court will hear it and pass orders according to the merits. If there is no objection then the county court will allow you to change your name and issue certificate to that effect and with this you can easily change your name in your driving licence, insurance, Social security etc.

Once this is done then the next thing you have to do is to change your Social security number. For this you have to approach the Social Security administration office and apply for changing it. This can also be done legally for the two reasons. If you are a victim of domestic violence or you are a victim of identity theft you are allowed to change your social security number.

You have to prove these things to the satisfaction of the office and convince them that you are legally entitled to a new social security number. Once you are successful in this you are almost in your new persona and you can start other smaller processes of putting yourself into your new identity.


However, you have to bear in your mind that merely by changing your name and SSN you can’t start a new life. In many of the Government offices like Motor Vehicles department, IRS department etc your new identity will still be linked to your old name and previous SSN and hence you can be tracked easily and your old credit file will be associated with your new identity. To escape from this you have to plan to move to a very faraway place dropping out from your current location and disappear altogether to all those who are concerned with you.

Still, you have to deal with many problems of finding a good job, and having no credit standing to tackle the financial problems of your current identity.

This will lead to a lot of bureaucratic mess and you have to be very careful in dealing with the government offices and above all you have to do all these in absolute secrecy beyond the knowledge of your creditors.


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