How I Lost My Job And Ended Up In Debt

My life was blissful! I had the perfect job, the perfect house, in short the perfect life. I was working as a software engineer in one of the top multi-national companies of the world.


Being the eldest at home, I had the full responsibility to support my family financially and I was doing it successfully. I had bought a house for my parents, a new car for myself and all the necessary equipments for a luxurious living.

I was engaged to the love of my life and was about to get married in a month. My life was going very smoothly and I was content. In all this, I had never imagined what life had in store for me.

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It was a cool morning and things seemed as usual. I got ready for office and sat down for breakfast. I had a habit of reading newspaper while eating. The news on the front page took my breath away. Recession! This was a nightmare for all working people. Should I be worried? But why? I was doing very well in my projects and there has not been a single complain against me ever.



This relaxed me a bit. Hoping for the best, I left home for office. As soon as I reached office, I faced a very difficult situation. Many of my colleagues were terminated from their jobs. Some were very close friends of mine. I had a very tough time seeing them all leave. As the days passed, this process continued and there were a lot of terminations. I started feeling uncomfortable and a fear of losing my job crept into my heart. And the worst of my fears became true eventually. I was terminated! Doom had befallen on me. I was completely shattered.

Sitting at home I tried finding vacancies anywhere possible. But it was of no use. There were no jobs available. As the time passed, all my savings were coming to an end. I had bought all my property on installments and I was unable to pay anything now.

The banks were after me. If I did not pay them back, then they would have taken away all my property. In this situation, I wanted the support of my fiancée, but to my horror she broke our engagement and in the next few weeks she got married to a rich businessman. That episode of my life left me completely broken.


Now, there was no electricity at home and most of our belongings had gone into mortgage. Conditions became worst with time. I started getting threatening calls from the people I had taken loan from. My life turned into a nightmare. There were visits from goons who smashed whatever they found at my home. Fearing for my parent’s safety I sent them off to village.

At this point of my life, I wanted to start afresh with no old memories. I wanted a new identity, a new me! But that was impossible.

At that time my father came to my rescue. He had sold a land property we had and with the money I was able to pay back most of the loans. Today I am going for an interview and I hope to get the job!


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