How can I erase my identity and start over?

Identity change is a lot more common nowadays than many of us think.

You can change your identity to escape from creditors, ex-lover or business partners, as long you find a legal way to do it.

new-idIn creating and maintaining new identity, the most difficult part is to stand up to the background check. By copying someone’s identity who already exists, an advantage can be taken by you of the fact that with them, there defiantly will be some sort of past, and those they are not wise enough to realize exactly what is going away.You may not be in a condition to easily sort-out the external circumstances of home and family life, parenthood, business, and social activity, but you have an inkling that something needs to change within your soul — but what it is and how to change you do not know.
Some easy steps toward identity change are:

1. Move far away from friends, colleagues, lover and employers. Never tell anyone what your new name is or where you are currently located. Erase or delete all contacts to reduce the probability that someone who knows your previous identity will accidentally expose your new identity.

2. Be ready to start over from beginning. You will have no credit history or employment history. You will not have a job or professional links, and no record of any academic degree or special training program. Anyone who inspects your job or credit history is likely to be suspicious about you when they find nothing else to uncover your old identity.

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3. Keep a medium or low level profile. A number of governments, semi governments and authorized private agencies keep records of your identity change, and your previous identity could be made publicly visible if you’re arrested, sued or highlighted in the attention of the print or digital media.

4. Try to introduce yourself with your new name so you don’t make the mistake of using your previous name. Similarly, practice the lies you must tell about your family, professional history and places you’ve lived, visited or born.

5. Use anonymous documentation. When you are hiding you previous identity don’t make use of your credit card, driving license, identity card etc as it may disclose you proper identity so try to make use of someone else documents and generate your own papers with new identity as soon as possible.