How To Get A New Identity?

Most people change their identity because they want to run away from somebody they are afraid of. That could be finical institutions, gangs or even stalkers.

new-identity When you change your identity, you must have prior information about place; job, location and name that you are going to adopt and be sure that you don’t let yourself in any other type of criminal record because doing any thing illegal or wrong with new identity leads you in the ocean of troubles.

If possible always provide law enforcement and government officials with your true name and real identification documents. As you already have criminal background so it is not knowledgeable to confuse police or government officials. Always use formal dress and maintain sincere look so that no one even thinks that you have criminal background from gang life.

Here are some of points that fulfill you wish of escaping from gang life with new identity and helps you live a happy and peaceful life.

  1. Have a job: Try to have decent job as soon as possible once you got your new identity. It not only provides you better living but also hides your background slowly.
  1. Avoid friends and any type of drugs: Don’t contact with your old friends and try to make new and never use alcohol or any type of drugs that force you to show your past through your tongue.

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  1. Change your look and hair color: As some time you can recognize by your health, look or style so try to change your old look and hair color and hair style as well.
  1. Have patient and be polite: Don’t forget that you are not a criminal or gang member now so deal with others in proper manner. Never be aggressive, which may highlight your presence in new identity.
  1. Prepare documents: Try to have new driving license, passport and all other important documents that prove you new identity as old identity.
  1. Avoid crowded places: As you can meet incidentally without knowing one in market or park so it is better to avoid crowd until you adopt new look completely.

Don’t make use of money that you got as a reward for any criminal task, and if you have any mark, symbol or tattoo on your body that make you look different then remove it and if not possible then try to hide it.

You must have a complete set of answers related to your previous history, birth place, parents, schooling etc in new identity any type of hesitation may lead you in trouble so be prepared  mentally in advance.