Gang member wants to change his identity

Benedicto contacted us here on and asked, if we would be interested in posting his story. We always love to publish real stories from real people who try to leave their old life behind and start over.

On 7 January 2013 02:38, benedicto.****

Hello guys,

I am Benedicto I came to the USA 5 years ago. When I left Mexico I wanted to escape poverty and find good life.


When I was a young boy and people were speaking about the Estados Unidos de América, it was like people were speaking about paradise. A place so Amazing and beautiful everybody wanted to go there. Some friend told me, in USA there are no poor people. Other amigo told me that people in USA are very nice and have good heart. I saw Beverly Hills 90210 and Baywatch on TV. I thought wow this country is so Amazing. Beautiful chicas everywhere. Beach, palm trees, I fell in love with that country without ever having been there.

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I tried to get Visa for US, but I could not. Not easy for Mexicans to go to the USA. The uncle of my sister’s boyfriend knew some people who could help me to get across the border without any documents. They told me you don’t have to pay, just do some work for us when you stay in US and you will be ok. We will take care of you.

I thought going to the land of my dreams is worth doing a little of work for those people. Crossoing the border at night was very scary. Swimming in the cold river was very difficult. But I made it alive across the border. Once I arrived, I was taken to the people in Los Angeles I had work for.


It was late night I was in the backseat of that old noisy smelly car. We were in some LA suburb. When I looked at the street, I was in shock. It looked dirty like Mexico, the houses looked run down. It did not look like Baywatch or 90210. After a couple of hours I realized that land of my dreams actually does not exist.


Little work for friends turned out to be selling drugs and joining a Sureño gang (18th Street Gang). It was a real nightmare. I thought I would be doing some legal work, but selling drugs was something I never thought of.

After a couple of days I realized that my life back in Mexico was a lot better than my “new” life in LA. I spoke with some guys and told them I want to go back to Mexico and stay with my family. Everybody was laughing.

I have been now selling drugs on the streets of LA for four years. I collected protection money from shops. I have beaten up people because they did not pay back some money. My boss told me, if I do good work I can one day be boss same him.


I not believe him. I just want to escape gang life change my identity and go back to Mexico.  Leaving a gang is almost impossible without identity change. I had to “take care” of some people before who tried to escape. I am happy I found your website about identity change. A new identity is the only way out for me to escape that life of crime, violence and drugs. I just want to have family, do a normal job and not be scared to die every day because somebody could shoot me.