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Gang member wants to change his identity

Benedicto contacted us here on and asked, if we would be interested in posting his story. We always love to publish real stories from real people who try to leave their old life behind and start over.

On 7 January 2013 02:38, benedicto.****

Hello guys,

I am Benedicto I came to the USA 5 years ago. When I left Mexico I wanted to escape poverty and find good life.


When I was a young boy and people were speaking about the Estados Unidos de América, it was like people were speaking about paradise. Continue reading Gang member wants to change his identity


Occasionally a lingering thought comes up in my head if I am going to be an abusive relationship again, whenever something sparks that memory.

No I am not one of those man-hating feminist, in fact I still have many male friends that I sometimes share an intimate moment or too. Many of them try their best to treat me with respect and with tender loving care. I probably love men more today, than I have in my younger years of high school and college. Well getting back to my story as to why I occasionally have some fears and anxiety is due to some abusive relationships with men that seem to take joy in being sadistic. I too enjoy a little pain every now and than, if you know what I mean but not to the extent of where I am being held against my will.


It all started one faithful afternoon, when me and my husband were outside. Well I suppose, I should start with what happened earlier that Friday we were out shopping at Tiffany’s and I was picking out some new jewelry. Continue reading Abused