Monthly Archives: November 2012

Gang Life

One day I was with my boys, my gang, when that punk came up to us to make the deal. His name was Jerome he was 22 and I wish I never had met the kid.

He was a thug as was I when the deal went bad. My partner in the gang ended up shooting and killing the kid. It was not as if that was unusual but, this time I was asked to get rid of the body. I was the one left with blood on my hands. I have a feeling the gang was ready to get rid of me too.

That is when I changed my identity and I  became Jerome Martin. Sitting there dead, he looked somewhat lonely as if he were alone in life. I disposed of his body and kept his wallet. Continue reading Gang Life

After 2 Black Eyes, I Woke Up and Smelt the Coffee

Somewhere underneath the rage and hate, Steve must be a good man. At least I would like to think so. I find it so hard to think that a man could transform to something so hideous.

I still remember when we first met in the Mexican restaurant down town. This was after a blind date 3 months back. Steve struck me as someone with wit and a terrific sense of humor. And those traits do it for me more than physical features. I have never been a sucker for muscles or abs resembling sculpted stone. I have always been drawn to the human mind, like a moth to a flame and funny people. I believed that was where I would find my happiness. That was my own version of love. Continue reading After 2 Black Eyes, I Woke Up and Smelt the Coffee