How To Surf Anonymously

If you ever thought that the internet is a place where you can exchange information anonymously, think again.

Everything you do is recorded by government agencies as well private companies. If for some reason they want to track you down, they can.

In the past people liked to use proxy servers, however, they are not 100% safe as it is possible to see through a proxy connection. The only safe way to access the internet is through VPN (virtual private network) connections.

A VPN network is used by small and larger organizations to encrypt their communication and data. I use an encrypted internet connection every time I access the internet. I believe that we all have the right to some kind of privacy, without big brother watching us.

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I have tried different VPN providers; however, you have to be careful. Some claim to provide you with an anonymous encrypted internet connection. However, in reality they store your data and allow access to third parties e.g. government agencies or private companies. does not save the websites you access or the data that you send and receive. Even if somebody should contact DooVPN to get more details on a customer, there would be no data available that they could pass on.

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  1. Most people could not imagine a live without internet, their life is do depended on this technology. Journalists do a lot of research online, its easier. When we are using the internet, we need privacy, how can we hide our identity online? I was searching on Google and found this blog. I tried it and it works for me. I can hide my identity anytime I want.

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  4. I got a new Identity last year. My life seriously changed, I feel like I got out of prison, even I was never inside. People today just sometime screw up and deserve a second chance in life.

  5. I work at Burger King, I make an average of $6 an hour. Life is actually not fair if you look how much in bonuses my CEO gets.

  6. The Internet rates are certainly reasonable enough. I haven’t seen access rates like this since the small time Internet providers got squeezed out by the big players. But I wonder if I would be getting my money’s worth.

  7. I feel like what you are telling us about with DooVPN is the new American Dream. Where once Americans dreamed about having their own space, their own home, their own private spot that they could control, now they hunger for just such a similar place online.

  8. I have been searching for a solution how to hide my identity online. Good I came across this blog 🙂

  9. I fear that I am still not sold. Even with private company data encryption servers such as you described, the user IDs alone would be stored. DooVPN undoubtably needs similar data recognition for its customers, so the potential to be tracked still exists.

  10. I want to hide my identity online, Its just not nice that you don’t have privacy anymore. If you use your real name, you might appear in Google. I want to protect my privacy and hide my identity online. Nice Blog. keep this up.

  11. It seems like a sweet deal with DooVPN…maybe a little too sweet. I personally cannot buy the line about information on customers being unavailable due to the Paypal connection alone.

  12. I can see how fake VPNs can lull their customers with a false sense of security. In a certain sense, some companies, especially smaller operators which are scam artists at large, do enjoy a bit of anonymity more than what they are offering their clients.

  13. Invasion of privacy is always justified by some big overarching threat, whether you’re talking terrorists or hackers. Of course, services like DooVPN may actually help citizens get a bit of protection.

  14. When I was testing my privacy online I got the results that my private IP is visible to every website I visit. I don’t like that. I was searching on Google how to hide my identity online. Interesting article. I will try this one and see if this work.

  15. There is no privacy anymore online. You do not own your personal data. I like this VPN privacy solution, so far I it seems to work.

  16. There are a number of things you can do in the real world to make online tracking tougher: use public computers, stay away from credit or debit cards, use cash whenever possible. Still, as the cultural landscape has changed to make that approach more difficult, DooVPN could really help out.

  17. I want to hide my identity online so that no one can know what I’m doing online. But i don’t know how.
    But it’s nice to see this article, I think I should try this, I’ll be happy if i can really hide my identity online. Thanks for this blog. I love it…

  18. Glad to see you finally acknowledge that private corporations pose just as big a threat to your rights as any government agency. In theory, at least, government is supposed to serve and protect its people. Corporations have no such ethical standards.

  19. The more I look at DooVPN and this blog, the more I think to myself “Why stop there?” Why not create a whole new business network that can guarantee a customer’s privacy while providing the goods that the business was offering? Why not run a truly democratic government on this model?

  20. I used to work for some of those companies who use such systems. Most of the protection was from anything coming from the outside. But, inside the system, the users were very, very vulnerable to any higher-ups. It makes me wonder…

  21. No disrespect to any credible VPN that is out there, but I grow a little leery when I hear of anyone who tells me of a way that is 100% guaranteed. I understand the need to speak to a product’s reliability, but anything that can go wrong usually does.

  22. Staying completely anonymous, on or offline, is a persuasive myth. All you can do is keep as low a profile as you can. Still, DooVPN shows some promise in making that a lot easier.

  23. Actually it is hard to know and to make sure which VPN provider are really safe and don’t sell our personal data to third parties. All we can do is betting.

  24. I appreciate the public safety announcement concerning unscrupulous purveyors of VPN. Those are high tech con men of the first order. Still, it would be even more nice to know their names too.

  25. You could argue that the Internet made a lot of things easier. If what the VPNs are offering is true, it would make certain things harder that need to be–namely, the right to conduct your business as you see fit.

  26. I have personally long suspected that true anonymity on the Net has always been a myth. Even back in the day, you had modems and IPNs that could be traced back to you (though some were more clever about how they routed it than others). The tools to track users better were bound to come. Here’s hoping that the VPNs are up to the task.

  27. Oh, this makes me feel so, so conflicted. On the one hand, I know the danger is everything you say. On the other hand, the voice in the back of my head keeps telling me “Trap! Trap!” Truly, we live in scary times.

  28. As much as I would like to get in on this VPN stuff, I would very much like to know who runs it. The last thing I think that any of us want is to find out that the corporations we were trying to avoid has the title deed to our hideout.

  29. I wonder what made proxy servers less safe than they were in the past. I’m sure technology is a good blanket answer but specifics would be nice. I’d also love to hear some more specifics on how a VPN works.

  30. With a VPN or without, I fear that you need to be careful on the Internet regardless. It’s too much running a marathon through a street at rush hour if you’re not. Think about the last time your computer was infected with a virus for the proof of my statement.

  31. I wonder if this is the future of Internet connections right there. Right now, we have who-only-knows how many corporate monsters controlling access to the Internet for their own purposes. But something like DooVPN could act like a firewall against what we hold dear.

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