Myth of Identity Change

There are many reasons why an individual would choose to go through the process of an identity change.

One would be because they are trying to get away from harmful people such as an abusive spouse or ex, the mob or a gang that they were once involved with, or if they have recently become a victim of identity theft and need to rebuild their credit as well as their life in general, you may also want to change your name if you share a name with someone charged with a famous crime. Any of these situations can be stressful or life threatening and they will cause you to resort to becoming a brand new person. But is it actually possible to become someone entirely different?

While there will always be ways of connecting your old identity to your “new” one, it is possible to legally change your name, your social security number, certain aspects of your physical looks and move to a new location where your enemies would not think to look. So it is not possible to erase your old identity completely, but you can do things to help stay hidden. Take up a new profession and get involved in different activities that your old self would not ever get involved in. Do whatever you can to make yourself blend in with your new community. These suggestions will help your identity change more successful.

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If you were once involved in a gang that was responsible for countless drug sales, murders or abuse to others and you would like a way out, you can always go to the police and ask for help with your identity change. They will more than likely put you into the witness protection program which is where you are transferred to another location, take on a new name and start a brand new life. The law or FBI will assist with helping you stay undisclosed in exchange for information about the gang that you were in. It is best that you do not contact anyone back home until you are advised that it is safe to do so. You do not want word to get back to your former gang members about your new identity change and new location.

By doing what you can to change your identity you will be taking precautions to keep yourself safe and put the way you once lived your life behind you. It will be a fresh new start where you can be a respectable person and no longer have to live your life constantly looking over your shoulder. There are many helpful resources online that can point you in the right direction of how to get help with identity change. Be aware that there are also some websites that promise that you can erase your old identity completely.

These are scams and will take your money without providing you with any helpful information. Look into legal, government owned websites and contact your local police department or county officials for more assistance with this process.

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  1. I am in so much debt, I just have no idea how I ever can pay back all that money. I got difficulties sleeping at night, I have high blood pressure. I just want to start over. I think we all deserve sometimes a second chance in life.

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