New Identity?

Most of us have, at one time or another, wanted to create a new identity for ourselves. We want to clean our rocky past, start anew, with no mistakes and no past transgressions to haunt us.

Everybody wants it, even i want it– undo the mistakes i’ve done and start all over again. But the question is, can you easily create a new identity for yourself?

After reading this article you will understand in depth about the pros and cons of creating a new identity and realize that it is not the only solution to some of our undefinable problems. It is indeed possible and legal to change one but it is not for all of us who simple want to run away bad things in the past. In other countries, individual’s identities are not based on where they were born or who their  parents are or what color hair they have. Instead, they are marked by their social security numbers, a permanent one, but can be change only in rare circumstances. Social security numbers defines everything in an individual – when they get a new job, pay their taxes, apply for a loan, take out a mortgage or use a bank account and many other instances. Everything can be tracked down by their SSN. This is the system of the government. It doesn’t want people to just change their identities quickly if they want to. Proper, systematic and organize system should be applied.

To create a new identity, you would have to change your social security number, and this is not legal unless you have a valid reason, permission from a judge and a court order.  Individuals placed in Witness Protection sometimes receive a new social security number, but other than that, your chances are very slim. It is next to impossible.

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Some people do change their names legally and move to other places. Start a new life and find a new job. It is only temporary. Unless you do it in a correct  and proper way, then you won’t succeed. Your past will be knocking on your door. It will keep on following you. Nobody can do it without the help of the government, which can give you the right and legal documents needed. Most people want to change their identities to avoid the consequences of criminal convictions, bad credit decisions, financial blunders and poor work history, but your best bet is to overcome those past transgressions by improving your current life. It cant be solve simply by changing your identity. Life may be a mess and giving us complicated situations, we must remember that nothing is easy.

We don’t actually need to undergo this whole process of identity change by ourselves. It is very dangerous. In fact, if you are caught trying to create a new identity for yourself, the criminal penalties can be high. For one thing, it is considered fraud, and you’ll be liable for that crime on top of any civil penalties you may have incurred. It is a very serious problem.

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  1. Too many people seem to view identity change the way that they view a process that changes lead into gold. The fact is that, if you change your identity, you need to give up everything about your old life to really make it work. I’m glad that you’re pointing out that it can really be more like gold into lead when it’s done.

  2. Becoming someone else should, realistically speaking, be this hard. There are too many people out there who would gleefully take advantage of being able to change their identities. Still, ordinary citizens do feel trapped in their lives too often to not give it some thought.

  3. All right, so we’ve got permission from a judge and a court order covered on the requirements angle. But what actually constitutes a valid reason? Being in Witness Protection the only way? Bloody hell, it sounds like more trouble than it’s bleeding worth…

  4. You know, I once wanted to be someone else. I was living in a hell that involved my father, alcohol, lots of drugs, and pain that never seemed to end. Then I came to my senses and realized that I just needed to get out of the house. We should all have the same thought when it comes to changing our identity.

  5. All that is why the militia types in the States don’t bother trying to change their identities. To make it happen, they would have to lean on the government that they so despise or go to criminals who may give their paranoia booster shots. Better to have the disgraced name you were born with than rely on your enemy to become someone else (which is all they want to do, it seems).

  6. I’m just a little confused by one little bit. You talk about people changing their name and it only being temporary. What happened in those cases? Did the ID expire after 30 days like a cheap car insurance card? You may have meant something else, but I just want to be sure.

  7. Identity change is a fantasy that the reality of daily living can sometimes encourage. After so many job interviews that went nowhere, so many denied loans, so much debt landing on your doorstep that you’re convinced that your grandchildren are going to be paying it, you might find yourself wishing you were someone else. Thank you for reminding everyone that it is rarely that easy.

  8. I find it surprising that you don’t mention the abusive ex angle that you have touched on in other posts. That certainly remains a valid concern for those who are needing to disappear from sight. But that may be why you need that court order.

  9. There are so many ways to change your life without taking that drastic walk off the cliff that an identity change would entail. You can change your job, where you live, who you associate with. Any of that would be less painful than a full identity switch and you get to keep the things from your old life as a bonus.

  10. Ahh…it is good that you mention how tough it actually is to dodge the government. If you are dodging law enforcement in particular, it’s just a matter of following the paper trail. Falsifying your SSN is about as smart (and convincing) as faking your own death.

  11. As I understand it, folks in Witness Protection ALWAYS get a new Social Security number. The first place any would-be hitman would look after an initial survey would be any identity numbers that they have. Social Security, therefore, is the first thing they would change.

  12. Reading this blog post makes me almost ashamed of being so harsh on the other ones I’ve commented on. All the concerns I have been raising about the whole identity change thing has been addressed and I am frankly relieved that you are finally doing so.

  13. It is worth reminding your audience that crime is rarely a good idea for citizens (and even a few criminals). Sure, we’ve got skeletons we want to put back in the closet, but they need to be dealt with or they’ll be right back in front of you when you’re not looking.

  14. I wonder how well even a legal name change would work on creditors anyway. These people are used to tracking debtors down through a good many means (most of which are legal, so far as I know). How hard would it be for them track an ID change?

  15. One thing I should mention: the term “Social Security Number” is, so far as I understand, only specific to America. There are similar such numbers in other places in the West, but they do go by a variety of names too numerous (and possibly unpronouncable) to cover here.

  16. I fully blame the Internet for making people think that this was a workable idea. The idea of being able to move around without a face or a human voice online makes people think that they can do the same thing offline. Alas, their Net moves are not as untracked as they believe and the real world is only a tougher proposition.

  17. People really do not understand what an identity change entails. To truly, truly disappear, you have to leave behind EVERYTHING from your previous life. The best way to make it really work is change everything from your friends to the way you wear your hair. For people who have a habit of holding onto things they should leave behind, that may be a step too far.

  18. In this Internet Age, forging a new identity through legal or illegal means has gotten a lot tougher. All it takes is the right word in the right server and you’ll be caught like a deer in the klieg lights. Changing your identity might look like a good idea, but only in extreme cases is the payoff worth the headache.

  19. I always advise anyone who is thinking about a step like this to really think about it. There is a wonderful line from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” that comes from Jekyll himself in his confession. It talks about how we can never be forever free of the burdens of our lives because more unhappiness will come back to haunt us if we try it.

  20. There is one thing about those Social Security numbers that I should mention. Those numbers are determined by time, place, and family you were born to (or so I’ve been led to believe; if I’m wrong, I’m willing to be corrected). Every human being has a unique signature, from their DNA to the way that they live. It’s yet another reason why identity change is so tough.

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