ID – Some Myths & Realities

There are many myths regarding ID change that people believe but fail to make work in reality.

ID change is not a new topic in our society. Many people want to have an identity change just to escape from many of their complicated problems. They believe that it is the only solution. But do they really know what is behind this world of ID change? Is what we read and see on the Internet enough to supply decent information regarding this complicated issue? We are surrounded with so much information that most of us believe in, but is it really the truth?

One myth is the belief that you can be an entirely new person once you have changed your identity. But the reality that people don’t understand is that you are the same person, despite undergoing an identity change. You just have a new name and a new Social Security Number. What you are as a person is still the same as is the same looks and personality. You can easily get identified unless you move to another country to start from scratch, which is a very big and a difficult sacrifice.

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Another myth is the belief that your ID change is fully private. But some states require a new identity be posted in newspapers while some states publish a notice of it on public office notice boards.

Nowadays, many of those same newspapers are published on the Internet as well. So there’s no reason to believe that it will be private.

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  1. It was very interesting read your blog. to I have some a lot debt; I don’t know what to do. My life turned into a real nightmare. I wish I just could start over once more with a new identity.

  2. I have this ex boyfriend who wants me back. Now he sometime comes in the middle of the night drunk to my home. I am so scared. I tried to get help from police. But nothing they could do for me.

  3. Fascinating website, I am thinking of acquiring a new Identity this year as well. I am just sick and tired of making use of my hard earned cash to pay back those debts until the rest of life.

  4. When individuals say the “American Way Of Life” still exists I am getting genuinely angry. If you are Mexican and female, you chances of obtaining out of poverty are zero. We have no access to education, for the reason that we just don’t have the cash. On the other hand, to make funds you require to have some kind of education. It’s just a nightmare.

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