Change Your Social Security

Social Security number is one of the most important step to get a new identity. People have the same social security number for their entire life, but there are times when it becomes necessary for individuals to secure a new social security number.

One must remember that it is not easy to obtain SSN but if you are one of the few who experienced unfortunate events such as harassment, domestic violence, irresolvable identity theft or life endangering circumstances then it is necessary to protect yourself and have to change your social security number.

It is legal to change your SSN. It is needed you secure documents as proof of the unfortunate situations you encountered. The Social Security Administration provides help to victims seeking a new identity in hopes of eluding their abuser and ending the violence in their life. There must be documented proof of harassment, abuse or life-endangering situation before the Social Security Administration will consider issuing a new number. To obtain a new social security number, it is best to be prepared with the proper forms and documentation.

Here are the steps in obtaining a new Social Security number:

Applicants must obtain and complete Form SS-5. The form can  be  downloaded from the Social Security Administration website or call the local Social Security office (1-800-772-1213) and request the form.

Applicants must bring with them the appropriate documents. A current social security card is needed, proof of US citizenship or immigrant status and proof of age. For individuals who have had to undergo a name change, bring proof of legal name and identity. US citizens may provide an employee or school ID card or marriage certificate. Non-US citizens will need either a work permit car, I- 94 with an unexpired foreign passport or Form I551 with a visa.

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In the case of changing a child’s social security number, it is imperative to have proof that the change request is coming from the child’s legal representative. A guardianship must be established. The Social Security Administration is very particular with this since kidnapping crimes are continually rising. It is their duty to protect and secure safety of children.

Applicants must write a compelling statement of explanation. The statement of explanation must describe to the Social Security Administration the reason for the new social security number request. It should be coupled with proof and evidence. Both of them are essential. If, for example, an individual is requesting a new number because of domestic abuse, they should be sure to include copies of the police report, medical files detailing the extent of injuries as a result of the abuse, court petitions, orders of protections, statements from friends, family and co-workers. In the case of identity theft, you must also present enough evidence to justify your complaints. The Social Security Administration will help you in obtaining any additional corroborating evidence, if needed.

The new SSN is given personally. After all of the documents are gathered and Form SS-5 is completed, individuals requesting a new social security number must go to the local Social Security Administration office.

Once you’ve got your new SSN, changing and obtaining other pertinent documents necessary for changing identity are easy. You must learn how to protect your SSN. Be careful in sharing your number to other people.

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  1. Nice blog, I am glad to see that I am not the on line one facing massive debt. Identity change may be really be a solution. I think we all deserve a second chance.

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