New Identity – FAQ

I covered some frequently asked questions about changing identity. Understanding about the whole context will make our goal of changing identity smooth and successful.

Q: How long does it take to create a new identity?
A: It depends on where you live. Offices in some areas are much faster than in other areas. Most people can complete the process in two to four weeks.

Q: Is identity changing legal?
A: There is nothing illegal about changing your identity or name provided you intend to use your new identity in legal ways.

Q: Is it impossible to change my name and  social security number?

A: The answer is no. It is possible and legal to change your name and SSN.  A name change is completely legal and very common. The procedure for changing your name varies by state, so you need to check with your county court or on the Internet to find out the exact steps you need to follow.You need to fill out a petition requesting the change. This form includes the reason that you want to change your name. The fees varies also. After you pay, you’re  issued an official document that you’ll need to get your name changed everywhere else — bank, driver’s license, credit cards, insurance and Social Security Administration. Changing your SSN is also legal. You can get the social security administration to issue you a brand new card with a new number but the application process will take some time. Done correctly, everything will go smoothly.

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Q: I’ve seen advertisements that sell fake IDs like birth certificates and even drivers licenses. Are these reliable?

A: No, they’re just scams and of no use whatever in establishing a new identity. You should understand that changing identity itself is already a risk, so starting it with faked documents will only make the situation worse. Many years back you could purchase all sorts of really high-quality fakes (including blank Social Security cards) but recently, since the laws are continually changing they have made it all but impossible to legally sell anything that even remotely looks like a genuine document. A new identity based entirely on a faked birth certificate and other documents are extremely limited value from a new identity viewpoint. To get a new social security number issued, you’ll need a genuine, officially-issued birth certificate which can be verified by the issuing authorities. For that reason faked documents alone just aren’t good enough. Don’t waste your money. DO it in a legal and safe way.

Q: How much will it cost me to create a new identity?
A: The only costs you’ll have will be the fees various government agencies charge which are not heavy to our pockets. These fees vary widely from state to state so it’s impossible to accurately predict them.

Q: If i do a name change in court, can i change my identity successfully?
A: The answer to your question depends on where you perform the legal name change. In some areas the court’s record of a name change is entered into a state-wide searchable computer database. This makes it extremely easy for anyone to search the database and discover the link between your old and new identities.
However, in other areas the transaction is recorded only in the local courthouse records in a paper ledger which makes it all but impossible for anyone to learn the facts unless they know exactly when and where you performed the legal name change.

10 thoughts on “New Identity – FAQ

  1. I live illegally in the US for 5 years, I don’t need to change my identity. I require a totally new US identity, anybody know how?

  2. I am seriously struggling with debt. I get almost each day letters from debt collection agencies who threaten to force me in bankruptcy. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Even so, I am happy I found your blog, as I actually will need to take control of my situation.

  3. I am scared of all those letters I am getting from debt collection agencies. I just seriously have no Idea what I should do. I am worried that soon they will come to my home and take everything away from me. Changing my identity, and move to a new place may be the only answer before it is to late.

  4. I have a police record that means the government has my fingerprints. How do we handle that. Can I still change my identity?

  5. I had changed my identity, it’s been 2 years, still I feel scared that what will happen if they tracked me, I’m so dead. I don’t know if it was fool-proof, and finally, I’m thinking of migrating to another country, they’ll end this fear I guess.

  6. Hi!

    This is an interesting post. I was actually watching this in Discovery Channel lately and I’m amazed how far people go in changing their identities. In the end, they still end up being revealed or caught.

  7. How do I stay in touch with my parents. After I change my identity. How do people manage that . I don’t want a life where I can never see my parents. Any thoughts?

  8. If U ever had a job which required f-prints or been arrested – you cannot use many systems mentioned – u will go to jail when coming back for actual I’d.
    Best I’ve seen is steeling ID from homeless person who looks like you and getting new ID by wearing his out makin it look like crap. Dress the part etc.
    PS don’t kill the guy!

  9. I know you have mentioned that it’s difficult to calculate how much money would it take to change your identity, but still would be helpful if you could mention a range… I’m asking this right now because I have lost a lot of money and don’t have much left. Really looking forward to a response, or if I could talk to somebody. Thanks in advance.

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