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ID Change Solution?

Personal circumstances forced me to get a new identity. It’s virtually impossible to find trustworthy and reliable information on identity change online, which is why I decided to start this blog.

Identity change must be one of the least discussed subjects online. There are so many people taking on new identities every day. However, most keep it a secret.New ID

Why do people change their Identity?

Debt: Debt destroys lives every day. It turns honest citizens into working slaves and makes their life hell. We all make mistakes and we should have the chance to learn from them.

Stalking victim and family violence: There are just too many women suffering from abusive husbands and stalkers, who are never able to escape. Getting a new identity is in many cases the only way to escape all the suffering, pain and hardship that they experience every day. Continue reading ID Change Solution?

The American Dream With A New Identity

For as long as I can remember I had a burning desire to live what many people term ‘The American Dream‘. To foreigners, it is streets paved with glistening gold, opportunity coming to you, and the absence of struggle.


It is a utopia where people of all nationalities come to live a life of harmony and prosperity. To natives, it is a life of security and happiness. A large house centered inside of peaceful neighborhood, with the only trouble being what fun things you are going to be doing with your family during your free time. Social dominance among peers and a reputation of success and achievement. Continue reading The American Dream With A New Identity

New Identity?

Most of us have, at one time or another, wanted to create a new identity for ourselves. We want to clean our rocky past, start anew, with no mistakes and no past transgressions to haunt us.

Everybody wants it, even i want it– undo the mistakes i’ve done and start all over again. But the question is, can you easily create a new identity for yourself?

After reading this article you will understand in depth about the pros and cons of creating a new identity and realize that it is not the only solution to some of our undefinable problems. It is indeed possible and legal to change one but it is not for all of us who simple want to run away bad things in the past. Continue reading New Identity?