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Top 5 Reasons To Live Under The Radar

As acquiring a new identity is now legal, many persons have seized this opportunity to lead their lives under cover. There are many reasons for changing your identity. But getting a new identity for the purpose of dodging debts or beating the law is a crime.


Below are the major reasons why people go for a new identity. Continue reading Top 5 Reasons To Live Under The Radar


How To Vanish?

You might have heard about people before who vanished – maybe you’ve seen a news report about a woman who had her identity stolen, or watched a TV special about someone who faked a death or even their entire identity in order to escape debts, their past, or a troubled relationship.

Each year, a countless number of people attempt to alter their identity… legally or illegally. Not surprisingly, the history of altering one’s id can be traced back hundreds of years. To “disappear” was especially common before the digital age, when it was harder to trace people across state lines or country lines. It was not unheard of for someone to simply leave their “old” life and begin a new one across the country, never to be heard from again.

Today, id change is increasingly linked to our frequent use of digital technology. It’s become much harder for people to get their new identity the illegal way – simply put, this means without going through the legal government process required to really change your own identity. Continue reading How To Vanish?